Advantages and Disadvantages of Mud Bricks

Mud bricks also called as adobe bricks are prepared of earth with a high content of straw and clay. If it is produced by manually, the earth mix is poured in open molds and are allowed to dry. These mud bricks are not kiln fired, they are only sun-dried and while used for the construction purpose, these bricks are fixed in the wall by utilizing the mortar of earth and finished walls are softened before they are dried out it. Even the clay render is often applied as a surface coating.

In those countries with a huge demand for mud bricks, they are prepared by adopting a brick making machine or they are made mechanically in commercial brick making yards.

Advantages of Mud bricks

Using these mud bricks or adobe bricks is probably one of the easiest way to build for homes. The mud walls have numerous advantages and relatively less cons.

Because of the clay nature and the production, these mud bricks consists of good water resistance. It is also very vital to give adequate weather protection of the earth walls, mainly in the exposed situations. It is generally done with the provision of adequate eaves.

Other advantages of using these mud bricks include general feeling of security and solidity as well as less sound transmitting through walls.

With the sufficient supervision, this mud bricks technique is highly suitable for building owners because for it no expensive equipment or tools are required. And as it is easy to know-how these bricks can be easily acquired on a training workshop and through hands-on experiences.

One of the main benefits of the mud bricks is that it let the individual units or the bricks to get shrink totally before they are places in the wall. The risk of cracking and shrinkage that can occur in large content in monolithic wall is prevented.

The mud bricks can be cast from a large range of soils that is suitable even with the high content of clay than with the in-situ techniques.

The small mud units offer good flexibility in the construction and design of earth buildings. These mud bricks can be easily cut for fitting and could be provided with holes for services and reinforcing.

Most of the people find these mud walls texture and pattern very attractive.

Disadvantages of mud bricks

  • The life of mud bricks is limited.
  • The mud flooring surface is not smooth as compared to PVC.
  • Mud flooring generally has low resistance to stain as it has high porosity.
  • Mud flooring requires often maintenance that is at least two times a week.
  • These mud bricks flooring is not as durable as flooring of PVC.
  • Mud bricks flooring is non-resistant towards moisture and hence it could cause bacteria go grow which is unhygienic.