How to Make Mud Bricks for the Wet Climate


Mud bricks are one of the important building supplies that are prepared of earthen raw materials which are composed with high quantity of skill and water. These mud bricks generally would hold as a set offering the basic building block for the construction purposes. However, if you are the one living in wet climate or damp, it is very vital to ensure that all the mud bricks would hold up during the time of humidity and heavy rains.

Mud bricks prepared from the soil mainly consisting the clay would generally have a waterproof quality naturally that could also controls and can even combat the humidity condition. Though it can take some error and trial methods for the getting the right mixture, there is also way to prepare your own mud bricks for the wet climate. All chores that had been successful done through several trial and error method just like the Tree Removal Brisbane North service they are specialist today due to those mistakes they’d in the past which taught them to become a pro in the field of tree service. Meanwhile, here suggestions on to prepare your durable mud bricks. 

Preparation of Moisture-Resistant Mud Bricks

From any of your local soil store, buy the soil that consists of little amount of clay as clay could add more strength and can enhance the mudbrick properties of resistance towards moisture. But keep in mind that using excess of clay can lead to cracking of your bricks. So the soil amount you would need probably depends on the number of mud bricks you are planning to prepare. As a starting step, pour all the soil in to five-gallon bucket and then blend it with a little amount of cement as cement would enhance your mud bricks strength. On the other hand, also add the water in to it, till you get pasty and thick consistency. Later, pour this thick and pasty mixture of mud in to wooden frame sections. After filling each section, use a 2×4 piece of wood to level off the top of each brick. Finally, allow the mud bricks to set and then dry it for at least three to four hours. After drying them, take off the frame from the bricks and by using the putty knife, scrape the frame cleanly to reuse it for next time.

After the completion of whole process, let the bricks to dry for three to four days and then turn every brick on its side. Let the bricks dry further for three to four more days, sitting on their sides. Once all the sides of bricks are dry, then again use a putty knife to shave and scrape all the uneven surfaces and to remove excess mud layers from the sides of the bricks.

Warning : At starting, just prepare one test brick before you commit to make a more number of bricks. If you observe any cracking of the bricks, while they dry, it means your soil contains too much of clay. At that time, blend the mixture of mud brick with some sand to overcome cracking in the subsequent batches.