A load bearing mud brick home with a stunning sculpture on the outside.

Laying mud bricks is easy as the bricks and mortar are made of the same material.

Mud brick floors are both practical and great looking.

Round windows look great and are easy to construct


Will my local council accept our mudbricks?
Yes, because our mud bricks have been tested according to the Building Code of Australia (AS/NZ 3700). When you order your bricks we will send you our test certificate to give to your local council.

Will our mud bricks melt in the rain?
They certainly will not! Our mud bricks are stabilised using a bitumen emulsion which is not perceptible in the finished brick. This makes a very strong and durable mud brick which actually repels water so can be used in fully exposed situations. An accelerated erosion test has been carried out on our bricks which simulates 1250mm of driving rain per year for 50 years. The allowable rate of erosion to meet the Building Code of Australia standard is 60mm over the intensive one hour long, however our mud bricks only eroded 9mm showing that they are very durable without the use of sealants.

How much does a mud brick home cost?
That is hard to answer as there are so many things that can vary, however generally it is no dearer to build in mud brick than other masonry products. Mud brick homes are generally built as a single-skin load bearing structure which eliminates the need for a timber framework, insulation, gyprock and paint, saving you $$.

Can I lay the mud bricks myself?
Whether a professional brick layer or a complete novice, mud bricks are easy to lay. The mud bricks are made of the same material as the mortar and as a result they don't need to be laid perfectly, in fact the variations in the mud brick wall give it character. We run mud brick building workshops where you will be given lots of hands on experience in making mortar, laying mud bricks and finishing the walls.
For more information on our mud brick building workshops click here.

How do I install plumbing and electrical services?
As the mortar joints are 20mm thick, electrical cable and water service lines can be laid on top of a course of mud bricks in the mortar joint. Vertical service lines for light switches can easily be laid behind the door jams. Our mud bricks can be easily cut with an angle grinder or drilled with a masonry bit so installing services really isn't difficult.

What does the price of the mud bricks include?
Our prices include palletising of the mud bricks, plastic wrapping and GST but are not inclusive of transport which will vary depending on the destination and the quantity of mud bricks you require.

How much will it cost for delivery of the mud bricks?
The cost of delivery varies depending on the destination and the size of the order. We can provide you with a no obligation detailed quotation which will include the cost of transport. A fork lift is attached to the truck so can place your mud bricks exactly where you want them minimising double handling.
If you would prefer to arrange your own transport, we can load your bricks using our fork lift. It is important that the truck has air bag suspension as the pallets weigh 2 tonnes each.

What style of home can I build in mud brick?
Mud brick homes can be built in any style from traditional to ultra modern - you are only limited by your imagination! Our mud bricks are certified for use in load bearing buildings but can also be used in post and beam homes. To see the range of mud brick wall finishes click here.

How long will it take to get our mud bricks?
Make it Mudbricks continually produce mud bricks so we generally have them in stock, however let us know as far ahead as possible to prevent delays. This way we can put your name on them as they are produced so you definitely won't have to wait.

Do you build homes or recommend builders?
Our core business is manufacturing the best mud bricks and we are not builders however we can recommend experienced mud brick builders and designers in your area.

Do you have house plans or designs?
Mud brick homes can be built to any design so we don't supply generic designs. There are many ideas for house designs which particularly suit mud brick in the Owner Builder Magazine which is available from newsagents.

What if I want different sized mud bricks?
We make a range of mud brick sizes and shapes to suit you. As well as our standard range, we can also make mud bricks to your specific requirements including corners for an octagonal house or special sizes to suit extensions. To read about our specialty mud bricks click here.

Are there different colours available?
Our mud bricks are a mid-caramel colour and look terrific. We can't change the colour of the bricks themselves as that is determined by the clay we use to produce them, however you can adjust the colour of your mud brick walls by using either a render or an earth paint. Both of these can either be home made or purchased commercially. We find that most people love the colour of our bricks and leave the outside natural but adjust the colour inside to their tastes. Grimes Paints (03-94370733) have a range of earth paints specifically made for mud brick homes.

Do I need to seal the mud brick walls?
There is no need to seal or water proof the outside mud brick walls however you may like to seal the inside walls to prevent any dusting. If you are going to use an earth paint on the inside walls, it contains a sealant so no other treatment is required. However if you are keeping the natural colour of the bricks it is recommended you seal the inside walls with a mix of wall paper size mixed with water. This is available as a powder from hardware stores. Water down the mix untill it gets to a paint consistency - you will need to let it sit for a while to take up the water. Experiment on a test brick before you do the entire house. When it dries it shouldn't leave a sheen - if it does you need to add more water.

Do I need to use gyprock to line the internal side of my walls?
No, there is no need. The mud bricks look great and you can finish them to whatever look you like from raked where you see each brick to smooth where the wall is completely flat. If you would like to read more about wall finishes click here.

Shells and beads pressed into the mud bricks make an impressive outdoor frieze.


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